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Clothing the Homeless


We are supported solely by donations from individuals.  At this time we have about one month’s rent for storage.  Our rent is $700 a month four our 6 storage and processing units.  That is an average of $20 a month by 35 people who want to support our efforts in Santa Ana. At this time we have about one month’s rent for storage. Our rent is $700 a month for our 6 storage and processing units. That is an average $20 a month by 35 people who want to support our efforts in Santa Ana.

Other expenses include van insurance, maintenance, and gas.  I am making you aware of the finances since without the monies needed for expenses we will have to end this ministry that God has blessed in so many ways.

Each and every month I see more and more emphasis being on a person’s soul and their need for Jesus. I believe the  enemy is fighting hard to end this ministry. I am asking you to pray about what $20 can do for someone without hope and feels their life is without hope. The clothing helps,  but in the end it is a way we get close to people who would never allow us to pray with them or share the Gospel message of  salvation.

That has been my prayer for all these years. Clothes last a short while but salvation offers eternal life and hope for now. When one homeless person gets saved it spreads. Did you know there is a Christian community of believers that go to Civic Center on a continual basis? The captives are being set free. There is a church service every Sunday morning with about 100 people attending. There are Tues. night Bible studies for both English and Spanish speaking people. Many of the Christian Homeless are involved with the services. The light is shining in many areas that were in darkness. I believe God has honored all of us, not just CTH but all the churches that have gone out and shared their love in action.

You can be a part of this movement by sharing in the ministry physically or financially. God wants to use the whole Body of Christ. If you want to share in CTH and give financially write a check to Journey Christian Church and earmark it “Clothing the Homeless.” Put it in the offering plate or mail it to 4849 Alton Pkwy Irvine, Ca. 92604, Attn: Patsy  This is a tax deduction and you will be furnished a receipt at the end of the year.

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