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Donations to Clothing the Homeless

Hello my name is Mitchell Raff and I am the Director of Clothing the homeless of Orange County. We at CTH offer people just like yourself many ways to choose how one wishes to give or serve to a worthy cause. Below are a list of ways that I hope will resonate with you.

Tell a friend about what we offer to those in need and how they can help. 

Make a tax deductible donation.
Volunteer your time to one of our bi- monthly mobile distributions events. 
Visit our storage facility to experience what we are all about. 
Donate clothes and other much needed tax deductible items. 
Volunteer your time at our storage facility by folding, tagging and preparing clothes for the next distribution.
Sign up with Ralph’s reward donation program under “Clothing the Homeless” (CTH) at no cost to you. 
We at CTH look forward to serving with you. 
Mitchell Raff, 
In partnership with Journey Christian Church, Irvine. 


Ralphs Grocery Stores Donate Money to Clothing the Homeless

New enrollment for Ralphs Reward donation card holders for 2017.

For those who wish to help us with fund raising for Clothing the Homeless, here is an easy and thoughtful way in doing so.

All it takes is a simple and quick phone call to Ralph’s Community Program. The number to call is 800 443 4438. Tell the representative you wish to donate to Clothing the homeless Ministry. Organization NPO number is 83448. The rep can identify you by your Ralph’s rewards card number and or phone number. This will give a donation to Clothing the Homeless based on your sales total. You will begin to see a note on the bottom of your receipt confirming your help. Should you not see the notice please call back and inform them of the matter.

We at CTH sincerely appreciate your support.

Mitchell Raff,


Clothing the Homeless of Orange County

Click here for more information on the Ralphs donation program and to sign up.


Clothes last a short while, but salvation offers eternal life and hope for now. When one homeless person gets saved it spreads. Did you know there is a Christian community of believers that go to Civic Center on a continual basis? The captives are being set free. There is a church service every Sunday morning with about 100 people attending. There are Tues. night Bible studies for both English and Spanish speaking people. Many of the Christian Homeless are involved with the services. The light is shining in many areas that were in darkness. I believe God has honored all of us, not just CTH but all the churches that have gone out and shared their love in action.

You can be a part of this movement by sharing in the ministry physically or financially. God wants to use the whole Body of Christ. If you want to share in CTH and give financially, write a check to Journey Christian Church and earmark it “Clothing the Homeless.” Put it in the offering plate or mail it to 4849 Alton Pkwy Irvine, Ca. 92604. This is a tax deduction and you will be furnished a receipt at the end of the year.


For more information contact us at 

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