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Welcome to the Clothing The Homeless Website.

Clothing The Homeless (CTH) is a ministry of The Journey Christian Church, in Irvine, California. CTH is staffed by a group of volunteers with a heart for serving the homeless population in Orange County through a mobile clothing distribution system. Our goal is to meet the needs of the homeless men and women with clothing and necessities for life on the streets while enduring different seasons and weather.


Breaking news on leadership changes in Clothing the Homeless.

See “Breaking News” below.


February Distribution Schedule

Lighthouse Chruch distribution will be in place of Civic Center while we work out where at the Civic Center we can continue to distribute clothes.

Lighthouse Church in Costa Mesa,  (in place of Civic Center)

Saturday February 11th (meet at storage at 12 noon)

Sign up to volunteer at the Light House event using this link:


Mental Health Associates in Santa Ana

Saturday February 25th (meet at storage at 11:40)

Sign up to volunteer at the Mental Health event using this link:


Friday Sorting and Packing  at Woodbridge Storage in Irvine

Is taking place at the Woodbridge Storage in Irvine. Email us at for more information and sign up using the link below if you can help to sort and pack.

Sign up to volunteer to sort on 2/10/17:


 Volunteer Sign Up

All volunteers can sign up for openings at the distributions above using the links above. We ask that all new volunteers please email us at after signing up for an event. We will supply you with more information on when an where we meet and how the distributions are performed.


Breaking News at Clothing the Homeless!

As you probably know, Clothing the Homeless (CTH) ministry was started by Sue Sonnenberg over 12 years ago. Sue started CTH out of her home after seeing the need of the homeless for clothing that was not being filled. Sue prayed for guidance and decided to collect clothes and drive to where the homeless congregated to hand them out. Soon friends with her passion for the homeless joined her to help sort, pack and distribute the clothes and the ministry grew. Over the 12 years, we calculated that the CTH ministry has served an estimated 16,200 homeless men and women. That is an amazing accomplishment, but Sue would be the first tell you that Clothing the Homeless is God’s ministry and that with God, amazing things can happen if you just try.

Over the last few years Sue has developed some health issues that are keeping her from participating in the ministry that she loves so much and was instrumental in the creating. With a heavy heart Sue has decided to step down as the leader of CTH, so she can focus on her health and getting better. Sue stepping down has left a very important void in the leadership of the ministry. In late December 2016, a notification was sent out to our regular dedicated volunteers to pray about God’s plan for the future of the ministry and who He wants to fill this void. A meeting was held on January 5th and after some discussion, our prayers were answered when Mitchell Raff volunteered to be our new Director. Mitchell has been serving with CTH as a regular volunteer for about 3 years and has a strong passion to help the homeless. His willingness to do whatever necessary to get clothes and necessities to the homeless will help make this ministry grow. As the new Director, Mitchell also wants to bring elements of fun and enjoyment while serving the less fortunate for all of the volunteers of the CTH ministry. Please join us in serving the needy and less fortunate and experience firsthand the joy and gratification you will feel in your hearts when serving. All of us from CTH are excited to have Mitchell as our new Director. We sincerely hope you will find the time to volunteer and be part of our family at Clothing the Homeless Ministry of Orange County.

God Bless.


Christmas in November has come and gone and it was a great success. We served over 120 men and women clothes, fruit, snacks, a gift and a prayer. Check out our new pictures from Christmas in December 2016 on the Pictures Page. Thank you to everyone who donated and volunteered. We could not do this without you!


 Special clothing donation to the homeless around a hospital in Portland Oregon.

In early December 2015, one of our volunteers at Clothing the Homeless heard from a relative in Oregon about a Hospital who served the homeless in the Portland area, but they were running out of warm clothes to give to the homeless. It turns out that when a homeless person is admitted for medical treatment, their clothes are taken and exchanged for clean dry clothes, but last December they were running out of clothes. The CTH volunteers took it upon themselves to start a drive among family and friends to collect clothes for the hospital. Sue Sonnenberg heard about the need and donated jackets and other warm clothes to the homeless in Oregon. The problem next was how to get the clothes to Portland Oregon. Thanks to an anonymous donor, who paid for the shipping, the clothes were shipped to the hospital to the delight of the staff there. The staff at the hospital had never received such a large donation of clothes for their patients and were very grateful to all the donors and volunteers who made it happen. They took the following pictures and sent the thank you card to show their gratitude. Thanks to the volunteers and donors, the homeless in the coldest parts of Portland were warm this winter.

Donations shipped                  Donations arrived

.Clothes ready to shipDelivery

Donations unpacked for storage

Unboxed and ready to store

Ecstatic and thankful hospital staff

Nurses 2

Thank you card from the hospital staff.



Christmas in November 2015

Thank you to everyone who donated food, drinks, gifts and clothing to make the 2015 Christmas in November a success!

Donations for Christmas In November

 Christmas in November 2015 went extremely well. We had about 20 volunteers who served over 120 homeless men and women.

Thank you to all of the people who donated everything from water, other drinks, cookies, candy fresh fruit and other treats.

Here are some pictures of the event. Click here for more pictures:

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Amazing young woman finds a way to clothe the homeless and give them a job too.

Veronika Scott took on a class project to find a way to help people in need, she developed a special jacket for the homeless. She took that Idea to the next level and turned it into a way to give jobs to those same homeless people.
Check out this link.


 Ralphs Grocery Stores Donate Money to Clothing the Homeless

Don’t forget if you shop at Ralphs grocery stores, you can designate Clothing the Homeless as your non-profit charity of choice. Every time you swipe your Ralphs Reward Card, Ralphs donated some money to Clothing the Homeless. It is that easy and does not cost you a dime.

Clothing the Homeless Shared the Love with Students from Cal State Northridge

A freshman named Diana gathered some students from Cal State Northridge and with some help (clothes and supplies) from CTH brought clothes to the homeless on Skid Row in Los Angeles. This event occured on May 4th. Their plan was  “We want to better the homeless people as much as we can and we hope this will be the start of something big”. As you can see from the pictures below and information provided, it was a success. Here is what they said about their experience:

Dear Clothing the Homeless,

On behalf of our English 113B class, we would like to thank you for supporting us in our event and providing all the necessary things to donate to the homeless. The toiletries, shoes, and clothes went the fastest. We had a bit of clothes left over, but on the same day of the event we looked into another site to go to donate the rest of the clothes you provided for us. It was all gone in about five minutes. The event was a big success and because we let each individual pick what they wanted they looked happier and thanked us a whole lot. Each individual from our group is so grateful for having a donation so grand to be given away to those in need of the supplies you donated. We are so blessed you were a part of this project, we cannot thank-you enough.

IMG_6094 IMG_6093 IMG_6084 IMG_6050 IMG_6028 IMG_6020 IMG_6016 IMG_6015


Clothing the Homeless 10 year Anniversary

March is the 10 year anniversary of Clothing the Homeless serving the homeless of Orange County in the name of Jesus Christ. A celebration was held on Sunday the 23rd at Journey Christian Church in which some of the many people who serve in this ministry described how God was working in the people being serves as well as the servers. The video was played to show what it is like at a distribution. Go to our Facebook page to watch the video. Thank God for Sue Sonnenberg, without whom this ministry would have never been started and served literally thousands of homeless men and women. Thank you for your dedication Sue!


New pictures from the January distribution have been posted.

Click on the pictures Tab to see the rest.



Check out a new article we linked to on why people become homeless

Click on the “Amazing Stores” tab to go to the article.

New pictures of the Christmas in November were posted. Click on Pictures Tab above to view them.

DSC_3946 copyDSC_3971 (2) copy18


Volunteer Opportunities

We are always looking for new volunteers to join us in our efforts to serve the homeless men and women of Orange County. We are asking new volunteers to consider committing to serve once a month for 4-6 months. This will give you a chance to really experience the different people and locations we serve.

Painless Clothing the Homeless Fundraiser!

As you may know, Clothing the Homeless is only funded by donations. There are many expenses like rental on the storage units and purchase of certain clothes (like underwear) that we do not receive as donations. There is an easy way you can donate to CTH that does not cost you anything. If you have a Ralph’s grocery card, all you have to do is designate Clothing the Homeless and your charity of choice and Ralphs will donate money to CTH every time you purchase grocery’s and swipe your Ralphs card. Best of all, there  is no cost to you.

Click here for more information and a link to sign up Ralphs Fundraier

Check out the new stories in our Amazing Stories page.

Young man struggling with addiction gives his life to Jesus at the Mental Health Distribution.

Read about Steve’s encounter with this young man.

Click here to read more.

Clothing the Homeless was honored with a Grant.

Clothing the Homeless (CTH) was recently blessed with a $500 grant from The Mentor Network. CTH was one of three charities in the U.S. to received the donation. This donation came at a time when we could really use the money to cover some of our expenses, like the storage units in which we keep and sort the clothes. Thank you to Jessica Bollong and The Mentor Network for this generous donation. To find out more about The Mentor Network and their donation to Clothing the Homeless, CLICK HERE.


    • Events page –  Event dates, time and location for clothing distributions, sorting and special events

    • Amazing Stories page – Truly heartfelt stories about the people we serve by the homeless themselves, or by someone who served them

    • Important Locations page – Important Clothing The Homeless locations and maps to get you there.

    • Our Mission page – Who we are and why we serve.

    • Volunteers Needed page – How to get involved and serve in the many different areas of Clothing the Homeless. We have many different opportunities available.

    • Wish List page -Most critical items needed by the homeless in Orange County, that we try to supply.

    • Donations page – See how you can help (financially) in getting clothes and many other necessities to the homeless of Orange County. We are a volunteer organization run solely on the financial and clothing donations of people who God has placed a need in their heart to donate. We could really use your help in this area.

    •  New Contacts page – New email address to contact us at Clothing the Homeless.

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