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Welcome to Clothing The Homeless!

Clothing The Homeless (CTH) is a ministry of The Journey Christian Church, in Irvine, California. CTH is staffed by a group of volunteers with a heart for serving the homeless population in Orange County through a mobile clothing distribution system. Our goal is to meet the needs of the homeless men and women with clothing and necessities for life on the streets while enduring different seasons and weather.


April Distribution Schedule

Lighthouse Church distribution will be in place of Civic Center while we work out where at the Civic Center we can continue to distribute clothes.

Lighthouse Church in Costa Mesa, 

On Hold.  (meet at Woodbridge storage at 11:40)

Sign up to volunteer at the Light House event using this link: Lighthouse Church is on hold until further notice.


MHA Drop in Center in Santa Ana

Saturday April 22nd (meet at Woodbridge storage at 11:40)

Sign up to volunteer at the MHA event using this link:


Friday Sorting and Packing  at Woodbridge Storage in Irvine

This is taking place on Friday 3/31/17 at the Woodbridge Storage in Irvine. We sort from 2:30pm to 5:30 pm. It is located at 5020 Barranca Pkwy. Irvine, CA 92604.

Sign up using the link below if you can help to sort and pack. Email us at for more information

Sign up to volunteer at the Woodbridge Storage using this

 Volunteer Sign Up

All volunteers can sign up for openings at the distributions above using the links above. We ask that all new volunteers please email us at after signing up for an event. We will supply you with more information on when an where we meet and how the distributions are performed.



Thanks to the Ralphs Community  Program!

Clothing the Homeless received a donation check from the Ralphs Community Program. Thanks to the 15 supporters who made Clothing the Homeless the beneficiary for their Ralphs card. If you have a Ralphs card, check out the information below on how you can use it to donate to Clothing the Homeless. 

 Donations to Clothing the Homeless

Items other than clothes and accessories can be saved for the annual Journey Christian Church Youth Parking Lot Sale on May 20. Collect and store all sale items at your home until the week of May 15.

To Help the Homeless: Spring is just around the corner! What a better time to start thinking about getting rid of those clothes and accessories that are collecting dust in your closets, garages and attics. We at “Clothing the Homeless of Orange County” would like to be able to use those discarded clothes and accessories for the less fortunate and tax-deductible receipts are available. There are three ways you can donate your items:

  1. You can drop off your homeless donations only on any Wednesday or Thursday between 1 and 4 pm at Journey Church, simply call ahead (949-786-4849) and let Patsy know of your intentions. The address for Journey is 4849 Alton Parkway, Irvine, CA 92604.
  2. Or you can bring your items on any Sunday during the first or second services and place them in the box in the lobby.
  3. Lastly, I am offering to stop by your home with no disturbance to you and pick up clothing and accessories ONLY that are left at your front door. Simply send an email to and leave your pick-up            

    location address and I will be by to pick up whatever is marked  

     “CTH pick up” with no intrusion of your privacy, that’s a promise.

Much needed accessory items aside from clothes are:

Men and women’s belts, towels all sizes, back packs, tote bags all sizes, duffle bags, sleeping bags, blankets, men’s shoes sizes 10 and 10.5, men’s gloves, scarfs, winter beanies.

Reminder: Any donations to the youth parking lot sale must be held at your home until May 15. No clothing to the sale.

Blessings to all,

Mitchell Raff, Director,

Clothing the Homeless.


Easy Clothing the Homeless Fundraiser!

Ralphs Grocery Stores Donate Money to Clothing the Homeless

New enrollment for Ralphs Reward donation card holders for 2017.

For those who wish to help us with fund raising for Clothing the Homeless, here is an easy and thoughtful way in doing so.

All it takes is a simple and quick phone call to Ralph’s Community Program. The number to call is (800) 443-4438. Tell the representative you wish to donate to “Clothing the Homeless Ministry”, organization NPO number 83448. The rep can identify you by your Ralph’s rewards card number and/or your phone number. After making the phone call, each time you shop at Ralphs, a donation to “Clothing the Homeless” will be made. You will see a note on the bottom of your receipt confirming the amount donated to Clothing the Homeless from your Ralphs purchase.

During the past three months, Clothing the Homeless has received $137 from Ralphs for the people who have already signed up. It may not sound like a lot, but over the year, it helps with our expenses

We at CTH sincerely appreciate your support.

Mitchell Raff,


Clothing the Homeless of Orange County


Breaking News at Clothing the Homeless!

As you probably know, Clothing the Homeless (CTH) ministry was started by Sue Sonnenberg over 12 years ago. Sue started CTH out of her home after seeing the need of the homeless for clothing that was not being filled. Sue prayed for guidance and decided to collect clothes and drive to where the homeless congregated to hand them out. Soon friends with her passion for the homeless joined her to help sort, pack and distribute the clothes and the ministry grew. Over the 12 years, we calculated that the CTH ministry has served an estimated 16,200 homeless men and women. That is an amazing accomplishment, but Sue would be the first tell you that Clothing the Homeless is God’s ministry and that with God, amazing things can happen if you just try.

Over the last few years Sue has developed some health issues that are keeping her from participating in the ministry that she loves so much and was instrumental in the creating. With a heavy heart Sue has decided to step down as the leader of CTH, so she can focus on her health and getting better. Sue stepping down has left a very important void in the leadership of the ministry. In late December 2016, a notification was sent out to our regular dedicated volunteers to pray about God’s plan for the future of the ministry and who He wants to fill this void. A meeting was held on January 5th and after some discussion, our prayers were answered when Mitchell Raff volunteered to be our new Director. Mitchell has been serving with CTH as a regular volunteer for about 3 years and has a strong passion to help the homeless. His willingness to do whatever necessary to get clothes and necessities to the homeless will help make this ministry grow. As the new Director, Mitchell also wants to bring elements of fun and enjoyment while serving the less fortunate for all of the volunteers of the CTH ministry. Please join us in serving the needy and less fortunate and experience firsthand the joy and gratification you will feel in your hearts when serving. All of us from CTH are excited to have Mitchell as our new Director. We sincerely hope you will find the time to volunteer and be part of our family at Clothing the Homeless Ministry of Orange County.

God Bless.


New Distribution location at Lighthouse Church in Costa Mesa

Because the Santa Ana Civic Center location is closed for construction, we are distributing at a new location in Costa Mesa called the Lighthouse Church. Lighthouse is another place where the homeless of Orange County congregate giving CTH the opportunity to offer them clean, dry and warm clothes during this cold season. Sign up to volunteer above to join us at Lighthouse and experience the joy of distributing clothes.

Click here to see additional pictures of this distribution.


Christmas in November 2016

Christmas in November has come and gone and it was a great success. We served over 120 men and women clothes, fruit, snacks, a gift and a prayer. Check out our new pictures from Christmas in December 2016 on the Pictures Page. Thank you to everyone who donated and volunteered. We could not do this without you!


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