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Clothing the Homeless is here to serve the homeless of Orange County and we only are able to continue because of clothing donations from people like you. The donations you make are for people who are living on the streets and they carry everything they possess on them be it backpacks, suit cases, or large hand bags.



Now that summer is here for the kids.

Road trips? Camping? Sleep overs?

Should any of you be planning to do any of these getaways with the intention of replacing any of your old sleeping bags, pack backs, duffle bags, or rolling suitcases, consider donating them to CTH please.

Contact us for more information at


Donations for clothing drop off at Journey Church are welcome by appointment every Wednesday and Thursday from the hours of 1 PM to 4 PM. NO CLOTHING BE LEFT AT FRONT DOOR. Contact Patsy at 949 786 4849 ahead of time to let her know you will be arriving.


 Urgently needed donations

These are items that we are either running very low on or completely out of.

Backpacks                                         Rolling suitcases                                                Tote bags

Duffel bags                                        Sleeping bags                                                      Men’s belts

Men’s shoes                                      Women’s shoes                                                   Men’s beanies

Baseball caps                                    Men’s sweatpants                                              Towels                                       

Men’s briefs (med.)                           Toiletries (Hotel Size)                   


Thank you for your kind support!          


Always needed donations

Men’s Items:

    • Pants, slacks and jeans sizes all sizes

    • Men’s shoes and tennis shoes all sizes

    • Men’s Boxers, Medium, Large, X Large, 2X

    • Men’s Briefs (only new please), Medium, Large, X Large, 2X

    • Shirts, long and short sleeve, T-shirts etc., all sizes

    • Sweaters, hoodies, jackets, coats, all sizes

    • Sweat pants, all sizes.

    • Shorts, all sizes

    • Belts

    • Socks

    • Shoes

    • Winter beanies, base ball style hats, gloves and scarfs.

Women’s Items:

    • Panties only new.

    • Bras, Sports Bras

    • Pants, Capris, sweat pants.

    • Summer Hats

    • Shoulder Bags

    • Belts

    • Socks

    • Shoes

    • Shirts long  and short sleeve.

    • Sweaters, hoodies, jackets, all sizes

    • Winter beanies, gloves and scarfs.



Clothing the Homeless

Sponsorship Program



  • $13 supports clothing one homeless person per month
  • $60 supports one month’s van, liability insurance and gas
  • $100 supports purchases of much needed clothing such as underwear and socks
  • $177 supports one month’s rent of a storage locker. We rent five lockers.
  • $365 is a dollar a day for the general and emergency fund

Donations to this ministry are needed to continue helping those less fortunate.

Do you have extra sleeping bags you don’t need?          Do you have spare towels in Good condition?

Consider donating them to Clothing the Homeless.        Consider donating them to Clothing the Homeless.

Click on the page below for more information.                Click on the page below for more information.